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Published: 23/09/2019

7 weeks in...

I knew the transition from being a front end dev to a software dev wasn't going to be easy. I had thought that my previous experience with Umbraco, .Net and C# would give me a head start, which I guess it did. What I hadn't figured was that my head start accounted for less than 1% of what lay ahead of me.

I have always loved a challenge, which is fortunate because the long road to becoming a confident software developer is throwing me plenty of them. However, it's a longtime goal of mine to become a confident full stack developer and I couldn't be more certain that this is the path that's going to lead me there.

What have I learned?

There have been some changes to the tech stack we've been using- since I am still learning, these have made things a little confusing but I am managing to keep up. I was put to work on a mobile app for my first two weeks, and tasked with learning WebAPI and Entity Framework Core. I found this a little overwhelming; I was using Pluralsight but still nothing seemed to be sinking in.

So I moved from this project to one that allowed me more time for my own training and development, and the increased scope for learning has allowed my confidence in my project work to increase as well. I may not be able to join in all the tech conversations just yet, but I am starting to understand what the senior guys are talking about.

Another project I worked on used the new Razor Pages which I wasn't familiar with, but this didn't faze me. We got to a point where the front end dev realised that the app would work better as a single page, so we decided that the front end would use React and the back end should work as a WebAPI.

Uh-oh... WebAPI

I must admit I found this prospect frightening. In my previous experience with WebAPI, I found it incredibly complicated, and now here I am trying to make the existing controllers work as WebAPI controllers.

Thankfully, I have the huge advantage of being part of an incredible team. When I'm stuck, not only do they have answers but they are more than happy to actively help and coach me. I have taken advantage of having a senior willing to sit with me and help me through some challenges, and it is because of this that I am understanding more and more.

Practice, practice, practice

As always, I have been practising in my own time at home, working on basic training projects and watching and reading about different methods and techniques to help me reach my end goal.

This journey (and it is a journey) I am on is just amazing! I love how much I have learned over the last few weeks, and I actually love how much more I have to learn as well. In years to come and I look back on this stage, I will still be so grateful for being given this opportunity to be taught so well by such skilled developers.