Starting as a Software Developer

Starting as a Software Developer

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Published: 04/08/2019

I'm a Junior Software Developer!

So that's my first two weeks as a junior software developer done and dusted! The best way to describe how I am feeling is slightly overwhelmed yet incredibly excited. 

I have had a very interesting ride in my working life- I have worked as an estate agent, media planner and buyer, a recruitment consultant, and then back to being an estate agent. Eventually, after committing to finding a solid career path and working hard to develop my skills, I was given an opportunity to become a front end web developer. 

How did I go from an estate agent to a front end and now to a software developer? Easy. Hard work, making the most of every opportunity I am given, and using every spare minute I have self teaching. 

That last one has been a massive contribution to my progression as a developer. I absolutely love kicking back with my laptop, reading and watching everything I can on the basics and then putting it all to work until I get it right. 

I can't say I've had much luck with mentors in the workplace; in my first job, the front end developer didn't know any Javascript... like, none at all. Thankfully, I have a good friend who has been a developer for longer than he hasn't, and my thirst for knowledge is insatiable and I always strive to learn as much as possible, both at work and at home.


I have a job where I am surrounded by extremely talented and dedicated developers who are all more than happy to teach me everything they know. My manager is fantastic, and together we are planning a training structure to ensure my progression is on the right track, including sufficient time for mentoring and self training. 

The road ahead is certainly long, but exciting. I feel so lucky to have been given an opportunity like this and I will not be wasting one single second of it. 

Stay tuned for more stories as I find my feet and hit my stride as a junior software developer.